Instructor Bio

Ken Finlayson has been a Zbrush user since version 1.55, and a creator of 3d art

since 1993.  He has worked in both the film and next-gen games industries. He is

currently a Senior Character artist for the game developer Bioware Corp. and

most recent credit is to the game Mass Effect. In the past he has been a beta tester

of the Zbrush and Mudbox software. He was an ambassador for Sheridan

College’s computer animation program as well as taught and tutored while

attending there. He was a recognized EAU instructor while employed as a Character

artist by Electronic Arts and has  given several lectures to Bioware’s character art

team and junior artists.


Other series’ in development

Mission Statement The intention with all the tutorials I make is to provide a lot of information and acquired knowledge. Not just watch me work like there are countless examples of already. The goal is any one of these lecture topics is worth the price of the collection they are a part of. I have seen a lot of instructional material over the years and I am trying to make tutorials how I’ve always wanted them to be; at an advanced level, no filler, time lapse repetitive sections and covering topics and techniques I have not seen else where. - Ken Finlayson

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